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If you want to stay free from diseases,there is no alternative of exercise.It not only keeps your body disease preventive but also so many other advantages you can gain such as -

1.Boosts the immune system.

2.Reduces stress.

3.Makes you feel happier.

4.Boosts the mental health.

5.Lifts your mood.

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6.Improves learning abilities.

7.Builds self esteem.

8.Keeps your brain alert.

9.Keeps your body fir and able.

10.Has anti ageing effects.

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11.Improves skin tone and colour.

12.Improves sleeping patterns.

13.Helps prevent strokes.

14.Improves joint function.

15.Improves muscle strength.

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16. Alleviates anxiety.

17.Sharpens memory.

18.Helps to control addictions.

19.Boosts productivity.

20.Boosts creative thinking.

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21.Improves body image.

22.Gives you confidence.

23.Helps you keep focused in life.

24.Improves eating habits.

25.Increases longevity.

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26.Strengthens your bones.

27.Strengthens your heart.

28.Improves appetite.

29.Keeps cholesterol levels healthy.

30.Lowers high blood pressure.

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31.Lowers risk of diabetes.

32.Lowers risk of cancers.

33.Eases back pain.

34.Fights dementia.

35.Decreases osteoporosis risk.

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36.Increases pain resistance.

37.Increases energy and endurance.

38.Increases oxygen supply to cells.

39.Lessens fatigue.

40.Improves concentration.

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An exercise as simple as going for an evening stroll could work wonders for your health.A walk especially a brisk one can have many positive effects on your health and can be equally helpful in keeping many health problems away.Here is how an evening walk can benefit your health and well being.

1.It's an end of the day workout:

After a hectic day,heading to the nearest park of your office or home for a thirty minutes walk brings vitality to your body and mind.It is also the much needed workout to keep your body healthy.

2.It relaxes you:

An evening walk is the most easy and effective way to refresh and clear your mind.After a day long sitting job,an evening walk provides your muscles the necessary workout that in turning relaxes your muscles.

3.Promotes a good night sleep:

Sleep is linked to your health in many ways.An evening walk helps your sleep better.You also feel relaxed and free from tensions.

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Infertility is a problem that has been troubling the lives of modern couples in today's world.It has been significantly increasing over the years because of the sedentary lifestyle choices and unhealthy habits.While a person faces reproductive problems,it is mandated to keep a track of their lifestyle and ensure they are healthy.One should certainly inculcate the habit of going for regular workouts and consume a balanced diet.A healthy body fundamentally helps in speeding up the process of conceiving.

Here are some fertility foods list which is really useful


It is loaded with vitamin B6 and helps in the formation of a zygote by regulating the hormones involved in the ovulation process.It is also a rich source of potassium and vitamin C.The inadequacy of potassium and vitamin B6 results in poor quality of eggs and sperm.

2.Nuts and dry fruits:

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Belly fat is a rising concern among the people all over the world this time.Belly fat is considered even more dangerous than childhood obesity in general,because it is an important indicator for risks such as heart disease and diabetes.The only way to lose fat around belly is to reduce the amount of calories intake and by increasing the activity level.These actions help in improving the overall health in many ways and in addition,help in losing belly fat.Also you need to be motivated to indulge more in outdoor games and physical activity.

By following the tips you can easily reduce your belly fat :

1.Eat on time:

Eat breakfast around the same time each day.If you tend to sleep late on weekends,eat as soon as you wake up.

2.Be Active:

The best way to burn fat is through exercise.Indulge in activities like running,walking etc.

3.Keep away stress:

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