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Everybody may be well aware of the experience of an upset stomach.Many people experience occasional digestive symptoms like gas,heartburn,stomach upset,nausea,constipation etc.If you are suffering from those symptoms frequently it can be a digestive disorder that can disrupt your normal life.Fortunately,a modification in the diet and lifestyle can help you to tackle digestive disorders.

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Here are a few ways to improve your digestion naturally.

1.Eat real and natural foods:

A diet high in refined carbs and processed foods are linked to be an unhealthy gut.Food additives contribute to gut inflammation.Moreover,the trans fat found in processed foods are not heart healthy and can be associated with the risk of developing bowel disease.So avoid processed foods containing artificial sweeteners,food additives and trans fat to ward off digestive issues.

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2.Add Probiotic:

Adding some probiotic to your diet is also helpful for a healthy gut.Probiotics promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.Probiotics are found in vegetables,fruits and grains.

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3.Stay Hydrated:

Fluid intake is related to your digestive health.Not keeping your body well hydrated can lead to constipation.Hence you need to consume proper amount of fluid to keep any digestive issue at bay.In addition to water,you can also intake fluid by drinking herbal tea and other non-caffeinated beverages.

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4.Manage your stress:

We know that stress is harmful to a healthy and peaceful life.But it could be detrimental to your digestive health too.Stress can be associated with some disorders like IBS,stomach ulcers,diarrhea etc.Mechanism of our body diverts away blood and energy from the digestive system during stress.If negatively impacts the digestive system,try to manage your stress with meditation,yoga or other stress relaxing techniques.

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5.Eat foods high in fibre:

Fibre is beneficial for proper digestion and it cleanses your gut too.Both soluble and insoluble fibre plays a significant role in keeping your gut healthy and keeps everything moving along the digestive tract.Legumes,Nuts and seeds,Veggies,Whole grains,Berries,Fruits like papaya are high in fibre.
Regular consumption of fibre rich foods is associated with reduced risk of ulcers,hemorrhoids,reflux etc.So have a diet rich fibre to keep your digestive tract healthy.It is also important to chew your foods properly for good digestion.

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6.Practice regular exercise:

To improve digestion you need to get moving.Do some regular exercise and take a walk after having a meal.This will help your body in moving the things along.Exercise is also found helpful in reducing
the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

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