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Yoga is a series of stretches and asanas which utilises the breathing technique to help you attain the best outcome.The best part about yoga is that anyone can do it irrespective of their age.Yoga has the power to balance the mind,body and spirit.There are different poses of yoga which help lower blood pressure,reduce anxiety,strengthen our body and more.However,many people do not wish to change their fitness regimen due to a few persistent myths of yoga.Many people think that yoga poses are too slow and boring.But for some,yoga is relaxing and can put them in a peaceful state of mind.

So, Procedure of working of yoga poses to our body are such as

1.Lowers stress levels:

Yoga is the one way by which a person can lower their stress levels.Certain yoga poses lower cortisol (body's primary stress hormone levels) in the body.Thus helps in reducing stress levels,manages blood pressure and anxiety too.

Yoga, Childs Pose, Asana

2.Improves sleep cycle:

Get rid of all the sleeping aids and bring yoga in your life.Yoga can help you relax and soothe your nerves.Research indicates that yoga can assist with insomnia by allowing your mind to calm down and relax.

Yoga, Exercise, Body, Healthy, Fitness

3.Enhances posture and flexibility:

As we age,our body's flexibility is limited and tends to become stiff quite frequently which may lead to muscle strains or pains in the body.Continuous practice of yoga poses not only boosts flexibility but also maintains the posture,reduces any chances of chronic back pain in the future.

Yoga, Asana, Pose, Hatha, Woman, Girl

4.Cultivates inner peace:

Yoga induces positive thinking and calm's the internal chatter in our mind.Doing yoga for 10 min. in the morning can make you feel relaxed.Yoga can help you calm down,lower your anxiety levels,
restore inner peace,bring positivity and tranquility.

Yoga, Group, Fitness, Exercise, Female

5.Boosts strength:

Yoga is a full body workout that helps strengthen our muscles and core.This results in making our whole body resilient and healthy.Any form of exercise assists in improving our strength and making our body robust.

Photo of Woman Doing Yoga

6.Assists in easier digestion:

Yoga poses are designed to cleanse,detoxify and strengthen our internal organs.These poses relieve bloating and stimulate our digestive system.All of which contribute towards healthy digestion and easier bowel movements.

Yoga, Workout, Exercise, Stretching

7.Healthy weight management:

Yoga improves our metabolic levels which assist you in becoming mindful of your daily diet and eating habits.Weight management is highly imperative in order to stay healthy and fit,which contributes to your overall well being.

Yoga, Pose, Asana

8.Enhances focus and memory:

Yoga assists in developing sharper concentration skills,which increase our focus and builds a strong memory.It also helps in improving the audio-visual recall ability and increases our retention ability too.

Woman Doing Yoga on Round Purple Yoga Mat

9.Increases blood circulation and oxygen intake:

Yoga helps in regulating blood throughout the body.Poor blood flow can lead to fluid retention,acne breakouts and more.Yoga is the best way to increase blood circulation and deliver fresh oxygen to the blood.This naturally gives your skin a dewy glow too.

Man Wearing Brown Leggings Doing Yoga Pose Inside Room

10.Builds Stamina:

Yoga improves your body's endurance and increases the stamina,both physically and mentally.Holding a particular pose for longer periods enhances your body's strength and increases the body's stamina slowly but surely.

Man and Woman Doing Yoga


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